Best Shotguns for Bird Hunting of 2024

Best Shotguns for Bird Hunting of 2024

Bird hunting is an exhilarating pursuit, and choosing the right shotgun is essential for a successful hunt. Here’s a guide to the best shotguns for bird hunting in 2024, covering various types to fit different needs and budgets.

Best Overall: Browning Citori Gran Lightning

  • Type: Over/Under
  • Gauge: 12, 20, 28, .410
  • Features: High-polish blued barrel, oil-finished grade V/VI walnut stock, interchangeable chokes, comfortable grip.
  • Link: Browning Citori Gran Lightning

Best 20-Gauge Over/Under: Weatherby Orion I

  • Type: Over/Under
  • Gauge: 20
  • Features: Lightweight, 3-inch chamber, comfortable to shoot, affordable.
  • Link: Weatherby Orion I

Best Light Over/Under: Beretta Ultraleggero

  • Type: Over/Under
  • Gauge: 12
  • Features: Ultralight, 3-inch chamber, pretty walnut stock, minimal recoil.
  • Link: Beretta Ultraleggero

Best Budget Side-by-Side: Tristar Bristol SxS

  • Type: Side-by-Side
  • Gauge: 12, 16, 20, 28, .410
  • Features: Affordable, classic look, interchangeable chokes.
  • Link: Tristar Bristol SxS

Best Side-by-Side: CZ Bobwhite G2 Project Upland

Best Pump: Remington 870 FieldMaster

Best Semi-Auto: Browning Maxus II Hunter

  • Type: Semi-Auto (Gas)
  • Gauge: 12
  • Features: Adjustable stock, fiber-optic sight, reliable gas system.
  • Link: Browning Maxus II Hunter

Best Light Semi-Auto: Benelli Montefeltro

  • Type: Semi-Auto (Inertia)
  • Gauge: 12, 20
  • Features: Lightweight, quick handling, familiar feel.
  • Link: Benelli Montefeltro

Best 28-Gauge Inertia Gun: Benelli SBE 3 28-Gauge

  • Type: Semi-Auto (Inertia)
  • Gauge: 28
  • Features: Minimal recoil, 3-inch chamber, lightweight.
  • Link: Benelli SBE 3 28-Gauge

Best 28-Gauge Gas Gun: Beretta A400 Upland Magnum

How to Choose the Best Shotgun for You

When selecting a shotgun, consider factors like your preferred hunting style, the types of birds you hunt, and your budget. Each shotgun on this list has been tested and recommended by seasoned hunters to ensure reliability and performance in the field.

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